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Microbial monitoring

Bacteria, yeasts and moulds easily contaminate raw materials, process waters, end-products and processes. Under favourable conditions microorganisms can grow rapidly, causing severe problems in industry. Foul odour is often the first sign of microbial contamination. Slime formation may also be observed. By the time these signs appear, irreversible damage may already have occurred. In any quality assurance system the importance of systematic monitoring of plant hygiene must not be underestimated. 

In mikrocount® combi is a quick reliable method of production hygiene testing in all production areas to suit any plant. The tests give early warning of microbial contamination and allow criteria to be established for cleaning and disinfection procedures.

  • mikrocount® combi is a ready-to-use tool for use in detecting and monitoring microbial contamination in raw materials, bulk- and finished products.
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Quality assurance with mikrocount® combi

mikrocount combiIn addition to production hygiene measures, hygiene guidelines and quality assurance concepts require routine hygiene controls during the production process and documentation of the results. mikrocount® combi provides every operation with individual means of rapid and reliable hygiene controls. These dip slides can be used for testing raw materials, for in-process controls during the production process and for quality control of finished products.  mikrocount® combi dip slides enable simple sampling and evaluation of the results, even by personnel without any microbiological training. Special laboratory equipment is not necessary.


Product benefits

Easy to use

  • Without any preparation time, the slide can be used to test surfaces, semi-solid materials and liquids

Quick and convenient

  • Always handy and reliable to use – even at last minute, e.g. when testing needs to be carried out during night shift. No special laboratory equipment is necessary.


  • The previous time-consuming laboratory work for preparing nutrient media, producing dilution series and counting colonies is eliminated. In addition, the considerable costs of external laboratory are saved.

Accurate and reliable 

The strict standards to which mikrocount® combi is produced guarantee a product of consistent excellent quality.

cultura® – the versatile small incubator

culturaThe cultura® incubator is compact and versatile enough for almost any laboratory or manufacturing setting. The built in tray has room to hold up to 18 mikrocount® combi dip slide samples. A transparent door allows for viewing of the contents without removing samples from the incubator.
The adjustable temperature is pre-set by the manufacturer to maintain 30°C, an optimum temperature for incubating mikrocount® dip slides. Results for bacteria are available after 24 to 48 hours. The detection of yeast and moulds takes slightly longer (72 hours).  


Product benefits of cultura®:

  • compact enough to use almost anywhere
  • easy temperature adjustment
  • designed for use with mikrocount® combi 

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