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Performance and safety for your products

Expertise from preservation to multifunctional additives


euxyl® – clear performance

Always a big challenge in cosmetics production: protection from microbial contamination.
Safe preservation of products is a top-ranking concern. euxyl® has a broad range of action that provides optimal protection for your products and complies in full with current technical and regulatory market requirements. The combination of active ingredients reliably meets all requirements for material, environmental and consumer protection. 


sensiva® – pure sensation

Active in so many ways: the multifunctional additives in sensiva® products. They improve the skincare properties of cosmetic formulations, stabilise preservative-free products and increase the antimicrobial efficacy of preservatives by boosting. sensiva® products also combat odourforming bacteria, making them an effective active ingredient in deodorants. Thanks to its diverse functions sensiva® enables development of innovative products.


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