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Why disinfection is necessary?

The preservative must be able to control the types of microorganisms most commonly present in the intended application. Preservatives are used for the protection of consumers and the prevention of product spoilage during the intended and foreseeable use. However, they should not replace a faithful production hygiene. Contaminations by microorganisms during production have to be avoided by recognising and eliminating its sources.


 Only the combined approach of good preservation and good manufacturing practice (GMP) including suitable cleaning and disinfection permits a microbiological safe process. 

grotanol® 3025 – the formaldehyde-free sanitizer

grotanol® 3025 is a low-foaming, formaldehyde-free sanitizing concentrate based on aldehyde compounds. grotanol® 3025 has a balanced spectrum of effect against bacteria and fungi. grotanol® 3025 is intended for use in the cosmetic industry for microbiological sanitizing of surfaces, plant and apparatus. Use-solutions of grotanol® 3025 can bestored for several months.  


Product benefits of grotanol® 3025:

  • formaldehyde-free
  • broad spectrum of effect low-foaming, therefore also suitable for plant sanitization in pumped circulation
  • can be rinsed off without leaving residue (if rinsing is necessary)
  • neutral pH value
  • extensively tested material compatibility
  • miscible with alkaline, anionic and non-ionic cleaning agents in the dilution for use

Use / use concentrations:
production plants, circulating systems and equipment:
5 – 15 g/kg (0.5 – 1.5 %) in aqueous solutions

grotanol® SR 2 – the reliable system cleaner

Ensuring reliable product quality also includes a regular cleaning and microbiological sanitation of the production plant. grotanol®  SR 2 is a mild alkaline system cleaner (pH 10) which provides a good immediate effect at a low use concentration in combination with mechanical cleaning.  


Product benefits of grotanol® SR 2: excellent cleaning effect

  • broad, balanced spectrum of effect against bacteria, yeasts and moulds
  • fast acting
  • extremely low use concentration
  • excellent material compatibility
  • usable for all copper and aluminium alloys
  • low foaming

Use / use concentrations:
production plants, circulating systems and equipment:
2.5 – 7.5 g/kg (0.25 – 0.75 %) in aqueous solutions

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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