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Boosting the Antimicrobial Efficiency of Multifunctional Additives by Chelating Agents

W. Siegert | SOFW-Journal 140 | 1/2 - 2014

ABSTRACT: The continuing discussions surrounding cosmetic preservation has limited the number of accepted actives that can be used. As a result, a number of different methods and materials are being used to boost the activity of the remaining acceptable substances for microbial stabilisation. Increasing the permeability of microbial cells to biocides by EDTA helps to optimise the stabilisation, however to avoid the environmental discussions regarding chelating agents, readily biodegradable alternatives to EDTA are indispensable.

The antimicrobial stabilisation of multifunctional additives in combination with chelating agents were tested in different cosmetic formulations. The readily biodegradable chelating agent Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate is shown to improve performance therefore enabling the reduction in the use concentration of sensiva® SC 10, sensiva® PA 20 and sensiva® PA 30 and sensiva® PA 40 to pass antimicrobial effectiveness testing.