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Preservatives are one of the last things that most chemists think about when formulating a product and one of the first things that are suspected when a problem occurs. They are important ingredients, the value of which is never noticed when functioning properly and which are worthless when not. Preservatives are much maligned and misunderstood within the cosmetics industry. Because of this, they are often over-dosed, under-dosed or improperly formulated even by experienced chemists.

Many technical issues are involved with product preservation. Success is not as simple as adding a standard cocktail of approved preservatives to assure prolonged shelf-life and consumer safety. As with any other class of raw material, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a preservative for your formula – other ingredients in the formula, pH value, type of packaging, countries where the product will be sold, and company policy – to name a few.

Cosmetic formulations require a delicate balance of a large number of raw materials. The preservative system should be among those materials considered when developing a new formula, not an afterthought. 

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Microbiological Quality Mangement (MQM)

We support our customers with a comprehensive concept of Microbiological Quality Management (MQM) including lab services, application advice, plant audits and training programs for employees. It is not only a matter of eliminating the risk of infections for people, but also of protecting products and equipment from contamination.


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